“My stay here was absolutely beyond spectacular! The staff is exemplary and makes you feel at home. Everyone is so polite with a smile on their face, even right down to housekeeping – the staff is great!”

– Erik Foss

“The staff here at Bayview is helpful, and friendly. Bayview is clean and bright. The doctors are efficient, and I have seen them twice since I have been here. I would recommend anyone to come here for care. Bayview is on top of everything.”

– Laura Wilcox

“This is my second stay here at Bayview and it has been a very positive experience! First off, I love my private room with this amazing view. What I love the most is the beautiful sunrise that comes through the window in the mornings – it is absolutely stunning. I was content last time here when I was in a semiprivate room, as I had a very friendly roommate who now lives here for long-term care and I still come to visit her. Being back here now makes it easy for me to say hello! Being in a private room now, it is gratifying to see how much attention I am getting as people are constantly walking by and checking in on me without having to hit my call light. Therapy has been great. The therapists are very understanding and personalize exercises and tasks based on my goals and what I am looking to work on. I have even done PT and OT at the same time on a bike, which was great – they are very open to listening. Nurses are very attentive as well & the majority of staff have been positive and helpful. I have found the food to be much better than last time I was here, also. There must be a new team with new cooks – this has much improved!”

– Margaret Healy

“The people here are very nice and the girls (CNAs) are very good to me. I love my private room, as I have such a beautiful view and I get to have my privacy. I am going to another facility on Monday for long term care, and I am sad to leave this view. One of the highlights of my stay here was requesting a BLT sandwich from the kitchen. I have not had one in YEARS, and it hit the spot – I was sure to leave a nice thank you note for the kitchen! Thank you, Bayview!”

– Anonymous

“I enjoy painting and my creative instincts follow me everywhere I go! I love art and I love my art station I have set up in my room. I would love for Activities to make a painting group here. That would be wonderful! I also enjoy the view from my room, I am able to look and paint what I see!”

– Joann

“I am leaving Bayview and going to Brightview Commons Assisted Living after my stay here. Everyone has been nice to me, especially nursing and the therapy team. Scott, Amanda, and Ana from the therapy team worked with me, and they were encouraging while I was making progress with small goals.”

– Daniel Davis

“It was a good stay while I was here – the therapy and the nurses were great, and I worked well with them. I had no issues with anything. I am ready to go home!”

– Frank Osterman

“I would recommend this facility – it is a very nice organization, and I am happy to leave this review. When it comes to the facility, excellence and the remodeling makes it better and better. No complaints with the staff, the nursing care was fine, and they are very compassionate. The scenery is second to none – it’s beautiful!”

– David Horne

“The place is lovely, there is pretty good care here. I loved going to the dining room for lunch and socializing with the girls, and I went to some activities which were fun! I went to entertainment yesterday, and as always – it was great. I liked all of the nurses and CNAs on my side, they took good care of me… The rehab staff were also very nice and efficient.”

– Linda Blinn

“All the people here are very good, and my job here is to be a good patient! Here at Bayview, medical and social opinions are considered. The rehab has been beneficial, and I have confidence when using my walker. The food has been good, I especially liked the pot roast last week – it was very good! I like it here, and the team is very empathetic to my needs and requests.”

– Richard Vogel

“I have had a good experience here at Bayview. The nurses and the rehab team are on top of it, and the Social Work department is excellent with communication and answering questions. My daughter and I always get an immediate response in a reasonable time frame if we had questions. The staff in therapy were the BEST- and I can’t wait to see the completed rehab gym. I saw it earlier today – and WOW, it is huge and very beautiful. This building will be successful with the new gym. Dr G. has come to see me a few times, and he has been very knowledgeable with providing me with information between my plan of care and next steps. Housekeeping was great too; everything is so clean, and I enjoyed visits from the housekeepers in my room throughout the day – we always had nice conversations and they were very kind. Such a beautiful facility all around.” 

– John Walsh

“The building is gorgeous and I’m very happy here. Everybody has been so great, it is unbelievable. I am very lucky. I love my private room and the view, and the nurses are excellent. The rehab and nurses have been good. I do want to say the food is excellent! I would like more sweets, but my diet does not allow! The meals have been good.” 

– Joan Nary

“I’ve been here before (at Bayview), and I had a good experience. I very much enjoyed the atmosphere, and my ocean view, which was stunning.  I remember seeing deer come up to the window. I just was transferred to a private room, and I am very happy with this change. In my new room, I feel even better. I have come a long way already, and I am very proud of myself.” 

– Anonymous

“My therapy here at Bayview was successful and I was enrolled in the Orthopedic Program, and I worked very well with them. The rehab team, Nurses, and the CNA’s were very good to me. The room was nice, I had a private and then went into a semiprivate (room) that was newly renovated. I did like participating in Activities, yesterday there was music down the hall which was nice to go to. I am ready to now discharge to my new home, an assisted living facility.”

– Anonymous

“I went to Kent Hospital by rescue after I fell, and Ortho RI was recommended by my primary care physician. Through Ortho RI, I was set up with Dr. Tartaglione who was highly recommended. Dr. T worked on me and sent me here for rehab. He came here three times to see me too, and I have a follow up appointment with him in a few days as I am discharging to go home today. I wasn’t expecting it that quickly after I left!  Everyone was great here from activities, rehab, administrative and the nursing staff. Everyone made sure we were taken care of! The grounds are magnificent, but unfortunately, I couldn’t utilize it as much as I’d like due to the weather and time of year. When I first got here, I have to say, the food was better than at a previous skilled nursing facility that I was at four or five years ago. The food was still acceptable at mealtimes, and I liked going to the dining room for breakfast and lunch. Thank you, Bayview!”

– Edmund Pierce

“Everyone here at Bayview is extremely nice, positive, and helpful – overall a great staffing experience. Medical staff are on point, and CNA’s are attentive to both my privacy and modesty – which I like and appreciate. The housekeeping department is great, and they keep everything nice and clean. I was skeptical to admit here based on previous reviews I read, and either those people were being nitpicky, or the team has made a FANTASTIC turnaround. So far, my experience here has been above par! AND, how can you beat this beautiful view – outside my window is phenomenal. I am not from the area, and the team here makes me feel very comfortable.”

– Monique Wilson

“My stay at Bayview has been awesome! They have very nice workers here that are from nursing, the kitchen, activities, rehab, and office staff – everyone is nice and helpful. Everything was perfect, and I loved my private room. I could not have asked for anything different. The food and rehab here have been great.”

– B. Vickers

“I had a sense of peace and well-being here, that I never felt anywhere else. All nurses were attentive no matter what shift during the day or night. They acted professionally in all areas of skilled nursing care. I found that PT and OT, weather contingent, would take us out on the grounds which are maintained beautifully! I give Bayview 5 stars! I am a very happy camper, and I am cleared to discharge now.”

– Anonymous

“I have had a good experience here at Bayview. I like to go down to activities each day and play games and listen to music. My favorite is when entertainment comes into the dining room. I like it here, but I am ready to go back to Summer (my assisted living). The food here is good too, some things I don’t like, but for the most part I like everything. Therapy is going good, too!”

– William Rankin

“I love my job. I have been a CNA for over 10 years because I love to help people. What I like most is that I am involved with the resident and become a part of their family. They share life stories with me – which I love to hear. I love to learn about them and their lives. I am from another country, and I share my stories with them too! I also like the people I work with here, and I feel like I can communicate with them when I have any issues. The trust is there!”

– Glenda Cerezo (Employee)
(A CNA with Bayview Rehab) 

“I love the view and the landscape I see outside of my room. I have seen a lot, and this is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Rhode Island. I can see the Bay in the distance – this view should be displayed in a magazine! I am a big fan of old architecture, and this campus is very historical. I love it here!”

– Preston Pelkey

“I am in the most beautiful room in this nursing home! WOW! I love to see all the trees, grass, and landscape from my room. It is so bright in here, and I can even see the water too! This is stunning. I am very impressed with Bayview, I admitted here during the long weekend! I am happy to be here in this room, it makes being at a nursing home not so bad!”

– Rhoda Allard

“Glenda is top notch and is a perfect example of a CNA!!! I love her, and I wish I could take her home with me when I go home on Wednesday! She is a very hard worker, is attentive and she truly deserves a raise for ALL of her work and positive attitude!  Thank you for all that you do, Glenda. You provide the best care for me each and every day! I will miss you!”

– Carol Erskine

“Rehab here at Bayview was excellent and they always gave a choice if you were up to it for the day. If you weren’t, they would let you rest – which was great! The CNAs were all very nice and helpful. If you buzzed, right away they came. Everything was fine during my stay. I do not have complaints and the food was good. Today is my 18th day here, and I can’t wait to go home later today! Thank you, Bayview!”

“Dr. T comes to see me here (at Bayview) a few times a week. Prior to coming here, I was going to RI Ortho and I knew about him when I was going there. I like him very much and I have the upmost confidence in him and what he recommends. I plan on continuing to see him outpatient when I discharge home. I have come a long way, thanks to the help of Dr. T!”

– Linda Gilmette

“Kiki reminds me so much of my own grandparents, and she is incredibly sweet and upbeat! She warms my heart. She is always so positive when she wheels herself for her “strolls” up and down the hallway and helps herself with going in and out of the building to enjoy some fresh air in our courtyard. She always stops by my office and admires my “K” sign as our names both begin with a “K”, so that’s what she calls me! Kiki ALWAYS has a smile on her face, and I tell her every day that when she is smiling, it makes me smile 😊 Her positivity and good energy is contagious, and I know that many other staff and residents here at Bayview all feel the same way about her!”

– Kristina Waters

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